About Us

Well, simply, we are a family of four based in Derry City, Ireland who work full time as primary school teachers. On top of all this we have taken the leap into the small business world. We are the proud parents of two busy and energetic children. Our lives like most are very busy and at times quite hectic. So, considering this we concluded that we needed to make sure our work life balance did not have a detrimental effect on our relationship as a couple, parents, and individuals.

So, we decided to embrace our spare time, no matter how short. We made sure to make simple alterations and get outside as much as possible into nature. From this flowed many new adventures, excursions and moments manifesting into a more content family lifestyle and mindset. These circumstances have been the foundations for our brand.

Our mission is to get as many people as possible outside to experience the benefits of living in the moment with nature. We are firm believers in the power of our environmental factors and how they can impact positively on the mind.